Friday, January 08, 2010

Dollar spot towels

Back in October I ran across a great idea from treasures for tots using some towels from the target dollar spot. Well at the time K wouldn't wear the one I made for her (maybe next year). Well New Years Eve I was looking for a quick party favor and instead found the spring/valentine version of the same towels.

Well K recently became more into skirts and I decided the towels would work as a quick skirt. Of course it helped that the first one I chose to make was the blue-ish one (since we are in a blue faze).

gotta love cheezy grins!

I only ended up using 1 1/2 of the towels. and of course was excited and didn't take pictures - but will add soon since I did get two sets of towels

So you need the waffle weave towel set from Target (or any two towels that are as long as you like)



sewing machine

and other basic sewing supplies
I took both towels and cut them in half (through the center fold over). I made sure that I had three even pieces to sew togther. I planned so the cupcake design stayed in the front and the two plain sections went on either side of the cupcake piece, with them being seamed up the back make the base of the skirt. I did do a quick zig zag on the unfinished sides of the towels before sewing together. I didn't un do any of the towel hems (because I didn't want to "re hem" the skirt). after the zig zag, I sewed the pieces together as described above. Then I loosly measured a 1/2" to 3/4" inch fold over - so I could make a casing for the elastic. I only made it big enough of my elastic on hand - if you are using a 1/4" or so elastic - you could make two slots for a stronger elastic waist band. I kept this version simple - because I didn't know if she would wear it.

The good news is since you only used three of the four halves of the towel - you still have the part with the other cupcake. You will be able to this embellishment to decorate the shirt or make a bracelet to match. I plan on adding it to the shirt - once it is out of the wash again.

another look with another color shirt and tights.

I'm looking forward to making another skirt and will take more pictures as I go.


Angie Neil said...

Your skirt came out too cute! I especially like the tights with the skirt! Thank you so much for sharing on Thursday's Treasures!

Lenetta @ Nettacow said...

Awesome job - I love how there's a cupcake left over to applique on a shirt!! I linked to this on my weekly roundup - thanks so much! (PS - I'm gonna have to dig through your dollarspotcraft category now!!)

Netta said...

Thanks for the cute idea.
(I found your link through NETTACOW)