Wednesday, January 27, 2010

some of the Valentine's day ideas I love

Heart garland from Skip to My Lou

Glitter hearts from Skip to my Lou

I have started playing with this on ealready with my daughter. We were in the craft room at 8am this morning getting a layer of paint on ours - because I have some valentine glitter glue that I want to try. I love the idea of using my cricut and the idea of sewing the hearts before painting. This will allow me to use the heart on the bead garland since I have "built-in" hangers. I love it when things work to help you. Note for using the Cricut. I used my Deep cut Housing blade and holder on setting 6 to get the cereal box (or in our case fruit snack and cake box).

Glitter heart with cookie cutters from No time for Flash cards

I agree with this gal - in the toddler house of nothing looking recognizable it is great to use items to help them make shapes. I look forward to trying this project soon. I need to find where my "regular" glitter is, I have a lot of glitter glue.

I'll lok for more ideas - I love what I'm seeing and with only 18 days out - I'm running out of time. I'll need to post in the next few days what we did for our MOMS club valentine's day party last year.

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