Saturday, June 24, 2006

Mason dixon Bibs

A friend showed me the new Mason Dixon Knitting book the other day and I had a blast looking at it. I couldn't wait to get home and start playing. I started with the baby bib since I have a 3 month old and alot of sugar and cream yarn to play with. I loved the pattern, but I didn't like one thing. My daugther doesn't like things digging into the back of her neck when she is laying down. So I decided to play with the pattern and instead of two straps I made one long strap that wraps around her neck and then buttons in front. Plus it is easier because we don't have to go back and make the second strap.

Ok world -- I am starting a blog

After hearing about blogs and seeing them get started I decided it was time to satrt one. Mostly I how to concentrate on my crafts and knittting as well as my pride and joy - my daughter and all that she does.

As I have more time I'll get going on this