Sunday, May 23, 2010

Teacher gift ideas

Well things have been crazy in the this household. in the last month I have been hired as one for the Cricut Demo Army, and have been busy working on that and getting things done around the house.
One of the pluses of working with the Demo Army is I got to play with a Gypsy! I love it!!! If you have a cricut I highly recommend it. I have been using it for making some fun crafts.

For my daughter's teachers I made some fun albums.

So here is my end of the year gift for teachers. A Teach Album.

This was one of those projects that just comes together when you don't think it would. First I choose some old paper that I bought about 2 or 3 years back at Joann's in a paper pack. Well I had enough for one - but wasn't sure about a second. When I looked at Joann's paper thinking I would choose something else - I lucked out! They still carried the papers. Woo Hoo! lucky day for me.

The ablum is easy to do - with your gypsy.
I used three cereal boxes and 3 sheets of each printed paper and about 1 sheet each of the soild papers.
Binder rings and some ribbon.
Glue stick or favorite adhesive.

I used a "notebook" looking page from Gypsy Wanderings and the Letters are from Cake Basic - shadow size (but you can use any alphabet you like and have). The apple of the front was also from Cake Basic

I only have the small Cricut so mat is only 6 inches wide. So all of the images are 5.50 high with the letters being 4.50 wide by 5.35 high. I welded the letter on to the edge of the notebook design. I made sure that the notebook design changed width for every page so the letters would stick out each time.

I first cut the cereal box of the base design (letter and notebook paper welded). Then I cut one printed paper of the same welded design. I then flip the design and cut another paper the same size of the welded design but for the back side of the page. I then set up a mat for the letters, making the letters stand out. So watch what size your actual letter is and key that infomation in when you cut. Also when you cut, watch if there is a pattern to your paper. I had a little trouble remembering this at first.

So when you look at these pages, you will see that the back side of one page matches the front side of another page. I found that if I glue these pages down as I go it gets easier to keep track. If I was thinking I should have inked the designed and used a nail file to clean some cut up.

Here is the "E" page

the "A" page

The "C" page

And the "H" page.

Here are the tags I made for the teacher bags, again using the gypsy. I used the George Cartridge. I welded the shadow circle and shadow flower design at about 5.35 high. I then cut out two of the flower design regular cut. When I put the flower cuts on, I did one matched to the flower shadow base and the other was offset a little and I didn't glue the petals down for the second one. I then added a button in the center. I was amazed how many comments I got just on the tag!