Thursday, February 18, 2010

Valentine's Day Recap

Well Valentine's has come and gone and I didn't update some of the things I did. Olypmics has keep me busy - as it is MY favorite thing to watch and I'm working steadly on my Ravelypmics projects (for another post).

First the decor. I did get a few more things up.
Here is more christmas garland with the crayon shavings hearts.
I decided to save some of the doilies I got this year for next year - as I know K will get more into desorating over the next year with me. She did enjoy the projects we did. I'll post more if I missed the one in another post.

K also decorated this mailbox that I bough on Clearance at Target last year. I plan on letting her play around with it some more.

So that was it with decor - we did do some windows with Gel clings and such - but no more crafty goodies.

The last part of our Valentine's came with our MOMS club party. I host this year and last years. Both years I got contianers together for the kids to decorate and had PLENTY of foam shapes and stickers for both years.

Our last year party we did paper plate holders for the Valentine's.

Here is the before. I used red plates and I used my cricut and my opposites attract caritdge for the names. I used my design studio to weld the names so they worked better. I also had them labeled before the kids got there. I had a tile fireplace last year and used Command hooks to put the holders. I also punched holes around and whipstitches with white yarn the pieces together. 

Here is the after. The kids used foam shapes and stickers to decorate. My kiddo wasn't into it as much last year.

This year we turned to recycling. I was talking to a friend and we were tossing ideas around about what to use for a card holder. I have a bags, tags and more caritidge for the Cricut, but I couldn't get something big enough (even on the expression) that I likes and would hold up.And we didn't want to reuse the last idea. She suggested food boxes. So we gathers some boxes - cake mix, crackers, pasta etc. Whatever was in the recycled paper bin. and here is the idea.

Here is the start.

and the side

and supplies.
I used recycled boxes - flatten and opened up
Colored duct tape
3/16" eyelets (big enough for the yarn)
scrap yarn
eyelet setter

I didn't take pictures - but you will get the idea. I opened the seams of the boxes up and turned the boxes inside out. I trim the tabs off top side. I used the duct tape to reseal the box inside out. I though about other adhesives - but sometimes the box tears a little and such and these were for kids for 18 mos to 4 yrs (not the most gentle sort). So I though the tape would hold the box well and add stability to the project, also the colors could dress it up some.

I then used my eyelet punch and made a hold about 1/2" to 1" down the side of the box. The Crop-a-dile was able to go though the tape no problem. I then set the eyelet (do both sides). I then strung yarn through the holes and tied to both sides. You could used ribbon - but I want to keep cost down. And they are ready to decorate.

For the party I precut the kids names with Simply sweet Cricut Cartitidge at 1 1/2" inches shadow cut. I also (to save time) ran the names through my "X" xyron so they would be sticky and ready to use (again young kids). I made a clothesline on one of my walls and hung the boxes up with clothespins and attached the names.

here they are ready to decorate. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture after decorating but you can see kiddo's here.

All in all the project was great and can work well for parties. One of the boxes we saved was a pasta box with the clean window in it. You could have a lot fun with that style.