Thursday, January 28, 2010

crazy feelings

I love the way people and items are getting linked everyday on the internet. I have had some great experiences recently. Since some of the craft blogs are doing a weekly links to projects I have gotten some people to my blog and I have found some amazing blogs and ideas. I was listed last week in Nettacow blog about my towel skirt. I was blown away. I know this will happen more and I'll be linking more as well, just so I can keep track of all the great ideas I'm seeing and want to do. I might have to start a sidebar on projects I want to do.

I then had an interesting experience on Ravelry. I love the favorites and comments I get on projects I do there which is great. I have also friended some people - because I know them or because I want to follow there work. I haven't tried to friend any of the "big names" on the site, I prefer to stay in the background, but if I stumble on their work - great! Well I had friend request yesterday that blew me away. Now it isn't a famous designer, but it is an author. Barabra Bretton friended me !!! This is a gal who I have read some of her fiction books and I'm following her current series that takes places in "supernatural" town with a yarn shop. It just amazes me everyday how small the world is getting. Which reminds me, one of these days I need to upload pictures of me with "famous" people. I actually have some interesting stories to tell.

I forgot one other funny that happened this week. I was hanging out at a friends house with our MOMS Club group, and it was time to go so us moms were doing a quick pick up. A friend turned to me with a bowtie pasta felt food piece - and said "hey look at this, you could totally make this", to which my other friend and I replied - "I did". My one friend though the other friend bought them! I can chalk it up to another moment where I need to start building my craft fair items back up!
Off to other things. I'll be getting some post together shortly. I think tomorrow I'll start on some of my meal planning and money saving ideas - since Frugal Fridays abound!

Happy crafting.

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