Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cricut project #1

I wanted to go through and start posting some of the cards and such that I have made using my Cricut. I will add right now I only have the orginal Cricut. I got it about 3 three christmases ago - but from April 08 till April 09 alot of my crfat supplies were packed while we tried to sell the house. So it has been since April 09 that I have been able to get only on my many projects - hence a lot of craft goals to get the many projects I have worked down.

So first project I'm posting is an Address Book. This became the Aha moment of my Christmas 2009 crafts. My husbands grandma is 87 years old and doesn't need anything. Well, when we were visiting her for Thanksgiving she had off handedly mentioned that her address book had just broken. So I grab the idea and went with it. I know how hard it is to find address books these days - since most of us keep things on the computer, and many address books these days have small lines and more info than people without computers need to fill in. So I decided to make a custom printed address book for her.

I first found some 5x8" tab dividers - since I felt that this was the right size. Then I was worried about finding a binder. Then the first Aha moment came. I had bought a binder years ago at Michaels that fit 5x7" page protectors - to hold the itty bitty paper pad that Provo Craft carried for while. The binder was plain white and I hadn't decorated it for any other use (lucky me - and stash busting my crafts). I then looked through my papers and found a paper pack of light papers that matched her decor and some ribbon in my stash that matched it!! As you can see this is coming together nicely.

Then to come up with the address pages. I was able to design on my word processing program and one page design that could be folded to make a double sided insert. To personalize this even more - I typed in the address and phone numbers for the family, kids and grandchildren with pictures of each group with their address. I also customized the tabs so that names she doesn't have alot of are grouped together and letters like "c" are their own tab.

I used the Cricut to cut the words Addresses for the spine and cover. My only regret for the project is I didn't ink or chalk any of the pieces before putting it together. I was focused on the project and had to get it done quickly. I used my Opposites Attract caritidge - with the upright curvise font.

Here is the cover

the spine and front. Since this was for an 87 year old woman - I kept it simple. The ribbon is used on the seams. I used my Zyron for the adhesive.

Here is what one of the pages looks like with the pictures added.

and here is what two pages side by side look like.

I'm happy with the creative result. I love that was able to make a very personalized address book without spending a lot of money - and was able to use stash supplies!!

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