Saturday, December 12, 2009

Advent Calendar

Now I have seen MANY neat ideas for advent calendars. I pulled my idea from Family Fun Magazine a couple of Christmas's ago. They took kids socks and hung then on a ribbon and filled with goodies each day. I liked the idea, but never found the socks I liked. Then I saw on ravelry, Annie Purls idea for knitting a bunch of small socks for christmas - and BOOM the inspiration hit. Spring of 2008, I started knitting 22 small socks and a couple of bigger socks. I had them done last Christmas and I am reusing this Christmas. In 2008 K got a piece of choclate each day and a little animal. This year is a getting a fun size bag of M&M's and a small character from Wall-E, Cinderella, or Alddin. I have the character mixed, so she is getting a same set about every three days. I was able to find these sets at the Disney store when they were on sale. Unfortunately they had sold out of Sleeping Beauty already - which is K's favorite.

All the socks knitted up. The two larger one are for Dec 6th (St.Nick Day) and Dec 24th.

2008 hanging up

The first half of 2009

Last half of 2009
The garland is our christmas garland and I have have clothspins hanging up the stocking and they have numbers on so we know where we are at each day.

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