Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Snack days for preschool

My Daughter's preschool has a policy of no sugary snack for snack time. Which is great. And they also set it up that about every 6 weeks your child brings in the snack and gets to bring in a show and tell item. For K's first snack this year I did grapes and pretzels. The other challenge is the snacks has to be individually wrapped so the kids can pass out the snack. So in my challenge to watch my use of items (ie plastic bags), I came up with a reusable solution. K likes yogurt especially the Dora version. So I have been saving the cups and sent her grapes in the washed out cups with a small amount of wrap over them. Pretzels I get a big container in the fall at Sam's club of the Bats and Jacks from Utz Chips. So snack time has rolled around for the 2nd time. This time it is Carrots and Pretzels. Lucky because I get to use the the yogurt cups for the carrots again and I happen to still have some Halloween Pretzels. I love when things work out.

Carrots all in the cups ready to go.

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