Saturday, November 07, 2009

cleaning the lot

A view of the NE corner of the lot

What do you with a wooded lot that needs some TLC. When we bought this house in April 2009, it had an awesome amount of stuff done on the inside, but the yard needed some TLC. I slowing am coming up with ideas. This summer I tried a crazy idea. I posted on Craigslist trees for sale. Now we had a number of young saplings that were allowed to grow, without any concern to where they were growing, or how thick the trees were getting. So if anyone was interested in the trees - they just needed to be able to come out and dig them out. One guy took me up in the offer and he bought his tractor in, and dug some trees out today. I liked doing this - becasue I didn't want to just burn trees, and I wanted to preserve some trees, since we have enough trees cut every year. So this crazy little offer on Craigslist allowed me to get rid of about 10 or 12 trees to be replanted. And today - I feel like I did my part to help make the world a better place.

A view of the west side - about 6 trees came out of here.

And the SW side - about 5 trres came out of here.

Hopefully next summer, the lot will dry out faster and I'll get a little extra sun to my new garden area. Which I now need to take dirt out and move it to fill holes made by the trees. Happy transplanting for me!!

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