Saturday, November 07, 2009

Thanksgiving decor

I few years ago I was working as a teacher at a major craft store. To help out I would do demos on the weekends. One weekend in between a couple of demo I played with an idea of a table runner of leaves. I think I had saw an idea in a magazine, but didn't want to buy it (I don't remember where I saw the idea). Anyway I looked around the store at the fall garlands and found some I liked. I got some peices of felt and was ready to create. I had my glue gun and glued the pieces of felt together in one long piece. I then cut the leaves off the garland and began to arrange them in a cool design. Working from both sides I worked the design toward the center. And in a few minutes I had a beautiful table runner. I will note that the garland I bought was at least $9 at regular price - but could have been higher since the leaves have a nice veletly look and feel.  But if you score some garland on sale or clearnace in good shape - this can be very cheap!

here is how it looks

and the back with the felt.

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