Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Kids crafts and more...

I'm going to cover two things here -

First - my new favorite reason to love my Gypsy. I finally got a Gypsy for Mother's day this year, after I was spending to much time playing with my demo one for work. (hubby does notice these things). When I did my daughter's birthday party I did A LOT of layering. For the the Snow White and Seven dwarves I used my Design studio, which was great - but I had to move my Cricut down to the computer room and bring all the paper I needed. When I did the rest I was upstairs in my craft room, but for each of the designs, I knew the sizes, but I never knew how much paper I needed. Also I had to load each color individaully for the cut - which can lead to a lot of shifting of mats around along with wasted paper- which gets tiring!

So while playing with layers on my gypsy I realized some thing. If I don't overlap my paper, and cut smaller pieces based on the size I need, I can actually cut 2-5 different colors on one mat!!

Here is a screen shot of some fishes I did for my daughter.
These are off of Everyday Paper Dolls, Sesame Street characters, and Animal Kingdom - the other reason to love the Gypsy, cutting for 3 cartridges at the same time. On the Paper doll cuts, I had to use the real size function - or the fishes would be smaller and harder to figure out.

The next shot is how I laid out the paper on the sheet.
Notice they do not over lap. And notice that the one has a small peice missing out of it - since I know based on the gypsy picture that part wouldn't be used it is fine to be missing the piece.

The next picture is after the Cricut cut.

You can see how much paper was used and I don't feel like I'm throwing away as much paper.

And here is it after removing the excess.

I have been able to do the layers for character on one sheet - just not the base layer. I know I'll be setting a number of these up in my gypsy as I get ready to cut more out for my daughters friend.

The Next part of my love of Cricut and Gypsy come in the form of great kids ideas.

First I found a great idea on Pink and  Green Mama Blog. Ocean in a box 
This was a great idea taking senory boxes to the next level, and I agree with this gal - this would be a great birthday present.

Next I saw an idea on the DIY Dish blog. Making stand up designs for kids to play with. I have since created a couple of ideas for my daughter to play with.

Here is the first part of the ocean in a box. I picked up 2 bags of fish gravel some plants. I then made some cricut shells, fish and castle. Then after seeing the DIY Dish blog idea, I added more things.

Then I created seahorses on popicle actually add something to the piece. It looks like the seashorse are floating in the water, the gravel holds the sticks great.
Then I did some trees.

These I did with popicle sticks and air dry clay. I now see AWESOME ideas for kids projects for school in adding 3-D elements to projects. I also see a "cheap" way to add to sets that kids play with. And I can work on using up some of my scrap paper very easily without having to use my good paper.

THANK you to Pink and green mama blog for a great kids play project, and the DIY dish for adding to my imagination!

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pink and green mama MaryLea said...

So cute I love it!! Way to go : )
I ADORE the stand up sea horses.

pink and green mama