Sunday, October 23, 2011

Costume history

I love Halloween. The dressing up, decorating the house and seeing the costumes of the kids who come to the house. I love to make costumes and have fun with what I come up with. So before I do a post about this years costume headaches - here is a look at some of the things my daughter has been.

1st year - 2006 - K is 7 months old

This was an easy year. My MIL had seen a lion costume and bought it, before I knew what she would be. My MIL did this because her son was  lion for his first costume. I would have liked to be consulted before hand, but I survived and went with it. She now realizes I make costumes, so she doesn't surprise me.

2nd year - 2007 - K is 19 months

This year I went a little easy on myself. K was seriously into Teletubbies. I know most people hate the show. The thing I liked about the show - was it showed the beginning of the day and at the end the Teletubbies went to sleep. K would watch this before nap and bed - and when the show was over she would come to us asking for her milk and would head upstairs to bed for nap or sleep without any fussing!

Anyway to make the costume I found a red blanket sleeper at a thift store. I took a peice of grey felt and painted glitter glue on the felt. For the hat I knitted it and when I got to the top I made a tube which I filled with polfil and sewed into the shape I needed. She gets a kick out of seeing the hat now when she runs across it in the dress up clothes.

2008 - 3rd year - K is 2.5 yrs old

This was the last year I could make the decision about what she was going to be. I made her a fairy costume. The pattern was McCalls 4887. I did spend too much on the fabrics, but I fun seeing how it turned out. Because I like to make the next size up when I sew costumes - there are still pieces of this costume that she can wear. This was also the year of naked baby - she didn't want to wear the costume and I had many fights getting her in it. To the point at our MOMS club Halloween party - she ran around in just her diaper! My friends called her the New Year's Baby for doing that. I have noticed that with a lot of my friends - between 2-3 yrs old thay do not want to get dressed up in costume.

2009 - 4th year - K is 3.5 yrs old.

This was the start of the princesses in our house. She said she wanted to be Cinderella. But when I took her to choose the pattern and the fabric she choose a basic princess dress - without it being a Disney design. She choose Simplicity 2569 . I will say that this dress got well worn, and now 2 years later, she can still wear the dress. The skirt is getting shorter on her, and it is fraying and the tulle is ripped - but she will wear it.

2010 - 5th year - K is 4.5 years

This was an interesting choice on K's part. Part way through the year she decided she wanted to be a
Veterinarian. She didn't change her mind once - and I was waiting. So I made the scrubs and bought a lab coat to go with it. My hubby and I found a cute dog carrier set and tool set for her. I should have done better making a name tag and sewed on some little anaimals - because everyone though she was a doctor. I was lucky this did get done - because I was pregnant in my 1st trimester with our 2nd child. So there were days I wasn't feeling up to things.

2011 - 6th year - K is 5.5, and A is 5 months

This is the big year - Rapunsel! After Tangled came out, she wanted to get the dress and hair. I kept putting her off. One because she was bigger than 4-6x you can find for most dress up clothes for girls and two I wasn't keen on fake hair.

I'll show you how this years costume turns out in the next post along with what I came up with for A, now that I have 2 kids I can have fun with the next few years of costumes on our house will be fun.

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