Tuesday, June 22, 2010

frugal fashion push

OK, I love a good deals like any mom. But lately I have to curb my speading. Needless to say I was worried when my long legged kid put her big toe through her two favorite tights. I was hoping to back to late spring with these tights. But one - she wears them EVERY week (and sometimes twice) and her legs are long and one was a 2T-4T and the other 4-6x size (so she was pushing it on the tights). So I was happy to get most of the season.

Well I had seen that the footless tights were coming back and I decided to try and cut the toes out and hem the tights. I was worried that she won't like the look - but she did OK. I was happy to see I wasn't the only mom doing this. U-Creat link to this gal's  footless tights , she took the other kind and added a rose with the cut part to the tights. The way I seamed mine - they ruffled a little more. I get some pictures shortly.

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